Scheduling Software for Driving Schools

LessonPal is the leading online scheduling software for driving schools. It is designed to allow you to easily manage one or more driving instructor schedules and lesson plans in an easy to use format. The main schedule view shows all of the lessons booked for each instructor with a clear day, week and month view.

Detailed scheduling view of all lessons in a driving school for instructors and learners
Secure Online Scheduling Software for Driving Schools

When a learner is booking a lesson, they select their preferred date, time and instructor for their driving lesson, based on the instructors existing schedule. If the learner is a new customer or doesn’t select a preferred instructor, we can automatically assign one to them, or you can do so later yourself. The lesson is then automatically added to that driving instructor’s schedule, who receives a real-time notification to their phone.

Learners can book lessons, packages or pre-pay for a friend or relative.

Exceptions to the Rule

Every day brings a new challenge, and sometimes the best-made plans need to change. If you need to make a one-off change to an instructors schedule, LessonPal lets you do this. By adding unavailable time to the schedule, learners will not be able to book lessons during that time, meaning you’ll never run the risk of missing a driving lesson.

Flexible Packages

We know everyone is different, so we designed LessonPal to support multiple products and package types. You can offer single driving lessons, packages of 3, 6 or more driving lessons, pre-test driving lessons, car hire and more to your learners. In addition, if a relative or friend wishes to pre-purchase driving lessons you can offer that too, keeping the credits for when the learner is ready to start tuition.

Automated Updates

Exceptions management – your terms, your conditions.

In the event of a driving lesson being rescheduled or cancelled all schedules will be automatically updated. You can set your schools terms and cancellation policies that the learner will need to follow before any cancellation can occur.

Activity Overview

You will have access to a comprehensive overview of all activity allowing you to view all of the bookings that have been made as well as all lesson information.

Activity Overview – a comprehensive historical log of all bookings.

Never Miss A Booking

Features to boost your school’s productivity

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