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Being able to take online booking means more revenue, therefore increased profits and the ability to grow your business. With LessonPal because you’re always open for business you can focus on delivering lessons to learners while new bookings are made online.  The lesson booking module integrates directly with your lesson schedule. Above all this allows your learners to make bookings without the risk of ever getting double booked. We do this by installing a “Book Now” button on your driving school’s website, emails and social media pages. Whether you are an individual instructor or a multi-instructor driving school, learners can book a lesson at a time that suits both them and you.

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LessonPal adds a Book Now button to your website so learners can book online with you

We will help you add this button to your existing website and social media if you use Facebook or Twitter. This lets new and returning visitors to your website easily book and pay for their Driving Lessons on your website.

Allow online booking with our dedicated platform for driving schools

Never Miss A Booking

With LessonPal you never again have to worry about losing a booking if you’re not able to take a call. Your learners will be able to book a lesson any time of day or night using the online booking engine. This allows you to spend more time focusing on the lessons you’re delivering, safe in the knowledge you haven’t missed a new booking. Using the LessonPal mobile app, you get notification of bookings, rescheduled lessons and cancellations in real-time straight to your phone.

Instant notification of all recent lesson activity ensures your school will never miss an online booking

With LessonPal, you can access your schedule from any device, anywhere, at any time. Simply login with your secure username and password and you can view, edit and add lessons to your schedule in real time. Learner details, including their contact number and email address, are available at all times ensuring getting in contact is never a problem. In addition, because we keep all of this information securely encrypted on our cloud hosting, so you can rest assured you are fully compliant with GDPR and data protection regulations and all data relating to your learners is secure.

Never Miss A Booking

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